Here Comes the Sun…


Today marks the first day, this spring, when it actually seemed like summer, and warm weather, are right around the corner. Hopefully mother nature isn’t playing an April Fool’s joke on us…that would just be cruel.  Today it reached nearly 60 degrees so I did what any sun goddess would do, I posted up in my backyard and began working on my tan.

I come from a long line of sunbathers who you will find outside, baking themselves, no matter the temperature, as long as the sun is strong and shining. Here’s my grandmother Hat soaking up some rays, she was notorious for tanning herself in between ski runs in the winter, she was a boss:




Personally I believe that the warmth of the sun has the power to warm your soul and spirit. It can brighten any day and bring a smile to your face.  Fingers crossed there are many more sunny days to come!

PS remember to always wear sun block…looking like a lobster is not cute.

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