spring fever?

Unfortunately I’m currently under the weather and am only getting to posting, now, because  I’ve finally emerged from a “NyQuil Fog.” But, seriously…I don’t know what it is, but NyQuil and I do not work well together in long term situations. It’s great when I need it to knock me into a deep slumber, but post-use I am literally a zombie for the next 24 hours. I could not function so it was a pretty lazy day for me.


I wish I looked this cute while I was taking it easy…def not the case

The hardest part for me, when it comes to being sick, is that I feel SO useless. I can’t complete most of my day to day routines and I end up just wallowing on the couch… or in my bed…My productivity level is at a zero and it annoys me like nobody’s business!  So today I was feeling pretty awful for most of the day and just couldn’t shake my NyQuil haze, and actually didn’t try to push myself too hard. I took it easy, even though it pained me not to do anything, (I was SO bored), and in all honesty by late afternoon I felt a lot better.  Most importantly though, I began to feel more like myself. The clouds cleared up and I felt more like a real human again. So what I learned today is that:


Sometimes just listening to your body, not necessarily your mind (the fog complicates everything), is the best medicine.  “It’s okay not to be okay” as long as you recognize that it is temporary and WILL get better 🙂 You don’t always have to be on your A game. You are human and you will have bad days. You will have days when you are not okay. But let the good days outweigh the bad ones and eventually, sooner than you think, you’ll be okay.

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