All <3 is Equal. fact.


This week the Supreme Court will hear two cases arguing for appeals to current state, and federal, laws, which forbid same-sex marriage.  Personally, I think it is utterly inhumane that this injustice, towards the LGBT population in our country, still exists.  The fact that contributing members, within our society, are prohibited from marrying whomever they love, because of their sexuality, is for lack of better words, pretty RIDICULOUS. Seriously, what is the harm in letting two individuals declare a commitment to one another by participating in the institution of marriage? It’s simple, there is none.  There is no harm in, or even more importantly facts, which support the notion that same-sex couples should be barred from marrying. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics has recently, publicly, declared its support for gay marriage by stating “same-sex marriage helps guarantee rights, benefits and long-term security for children.” ( Legalizing same-sex marriage is not only the right thing to do for families with same-sex parents, but it is also the best thing to do for our society as a whole. So let’s all hope that the Supreme Court gets it right this week and that they vote in favor of finally abolishing this injustice, and moving forward, from this point on, every individual will now be guaranteed the right to marry, regardless of their sexuality. I never intended to state my political views on this blog, but I am passionate about marriage equality because it affects quite a few people who I hold dear to my heart. It pains me to see that their rights, as U.S. citizens, are limited because they are such amazing and remarkable people who are only asking to marry the person they love, and therefore gain the rights bestowed upon all married couples. Their love deserves to be recognized by this country we live in, the U.S.A, that is supposedly so “free”, just as much as mine does. How can someone determine, based on sexuality, that one person’s love is more legitimate than another’s? They can’t.

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