Cabin Fever

So I don’t think that many would disagree with me that Mother Nature has been a major biotch this winter. Waking up to a blizzard early this morning, that was not forecasted nonetheless, really made this girl one unhappy camper. However, I can’t deny that it did look like a beautiful winter wonderland outside of my window, even though I was totally displeased to see snow:


I mean come on I had plans and appointments I was looking forward to…but you know it is what it is and I can’t change the weather (no matter how much I curse the snow). I’m just so sick of feeling like cabin fever is setting in… I hope that this is the end of all winter weather and the rest of spring is sunny and warm (and filled with lots of adventures)! We east coasters definitely deserve some decent weather after this winter. I’ll have my fingers crossed, starting today, that this is the last day I spend cooped up inside hiding from a storm.

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