Good Morning Sunshine


I came across this passage on pinterest (one of my guiltiest pleasures…I can literally spend hours pinning) at the beginning of this summer and felt that it applies to my new, and improving, lifestyle. I never considered myself a morning person, until about a year ago. Prior to then I was lucky if I got out of bed before ten, yes on both school days and weekends…shameful I know, but I couldn’t help myself! While away at college I began to associate early mornings with unenjoyable chores that I HAD to complete.  Waking early enough to see the sunrise of a new day usually meant that I either had to cram for an exam, finish a paper I had left undone, or go for a long run because there was no other time in the day when I could squeeze in exercise. I honestly think that this is when I started resenting running… at this time I plain and simple wasn’t giving my body enough rest (or nourishment) and blamed my misery on the time of the day instead of facing my reality.  Fast forward to my life in recovery over the past 6 months and you will find a completely different girl. I LOVE early mornings now (especially when there’s actually a sunrise to see… however right now I’m not ashamed to say that I am desperate for some spring weather…def not loving the snow this morning, but hey it is what it is)! But in all honestly there truly is a calmness and beauty about your surroundings in the earliest hours of the day. It is a time just for me. I can now reflect on my positive thoughts and intentions for my day (a helpful technique that I’ve learned from yoga) and envision how they might play out.  My obsession with what I “HAD” to complete when waking at the crack of dawn is waning and I’m becoming more appreciative of the opportunity,which the earliest hours give to me, to focus on what really matters: setting goals and a purpose for the day that will benefit my recovery and overall happiness.

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