Ballet Class

Early this morning I decided to try out an exercise class called “booty barre blast” and it was AMAZE! I honestly thought that I was in a ballet class. BBB is centered around a ballet bar and focuses on core work. The moves we did were tough, and I will probably be sore tomorrow, but I have to say I felt very graceful while working out. Every little girl, including myself, has dreamt of being a ballerina and exuding the natural elegance of a dancer. However, personally, when I was in ballet, it was less about the dancing and more about the outfits. I mean come on every little girl loves a tutu:


Totally wish that I still had this ensemble.

It was a pretty big deal for me to try this new workout because I tend to obsess over ONE particular form of exercise, for example running, yoga or spinning, and stick to that one religiously until I completely burn out… and my body starts to hate me. I’m learning, now, that the best thing for me to do, in order to truly enjoy exercise, in a healthy and mindful manner, is to mix it up and find moderation among the workouts I choose. The BBB class is less about breaking a full on sweat and more about toning muscles and stretching it out. Right now I can’t handle doing high intensity cardio workouts five days a week, my body simply won’t take the strain. I need to supplement in mindful and calming classes, such as yoga, in order to balance out myself. Running, especially, has been hard for me to cut back on because I used it as a coping mechanism for such a long time. I wasn’t using it in a healthy way and the running was masking other emotions I didn’t know how to address. Now that I am more aware of my emotions, and I know that I need to figure out what is really bothering me, I hope that I can actually enjoy exercise and not use it purely as a crutch for my crazies. So after enjoying the booty barre blast class so much I’m going to pretend that I am a dancer today. My words of inspiration for than, for the day, have to be:


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